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By redemption, your destiny is glorious; you are not ordained to be a nonentity but a...

Prophetic Focus for April 2018

Prophetic Focus for April 2018   New Dawn greetings in the name of our Lord,...


2-Year Stagnation Terminated via Kingdom Engagement! "The year 2014 was a crisis-filled...


We discover from scriptures that no prophecy ever gets fulfilled on its own, but every prophetic word always leaves believers with what to do to see it fulfilled – 1 Tim. 1:18/ Jn 2:5 Any prophetic word that doesn't leave us with what to do is questionable – Ps 89:34. For instance, to be exempted from the oncoming economic holocaust, we must subscribe to the covenant of giving and receiving – Mal. 3:17-18/ Mal. 4:1-2 This is because what we give today is what secures our tomorrow – 1 Tim. 6:17-19 This is why we must keep hunting for the responsibilities attached to every prophetic word – Mak. 10:21 .. more

Using The LFCWW Mail

A brief tutorial introducing the basics of the Living Faith Church World Wide mailing system .. more

Working with Portal Documents

Documents enable you to store electronic data, like text, and media like images, sound and video. LFC Portal enables you to upload and work with documents, including flat files and other media, to a repository and manage the documents as needed to simplify your work. This entire process is simplified, synchronized and integrated into your existing operating system and the experience feels like you are working with your normal everyday local files. .. more

Christian Family

Don’t Just Talk, Communicate! (2)

  Dear Reader, It is great to have you back this week to this exciting column.  Last week, I commenced a teaching on effective communication between husband, wife, and .. more

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