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2-Year Stagnation Terminated via Kingdom Engagement!

"The year 2014 was a crisis-filled year for me. It was so severe that I had to relocate from Benin City, where I reside, to Lagos so that my mother could feed me.

During one of the services, Bishop Oyedepo said, ‘Until you accept responsibility for a change and fulfil all the demands, you never experience one.' This statement struck me! So, I decided to attend all the tiers of the Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) and engaged in cleaning the toilets every morning before lectures. I also took about 5,000 fliers from Church every Sunday to distribute. Then, I trekked from Gowon Estate to Iyana Ipaja and Egbeda to share 1,000 fliers daily, because I didn't have one hundred naira for transportation to my destination. I took it as a job and further engaged in fasting and prayers every Friday for five hours at the Zonal centres for Kingdom advancement, forgetting about my own concerns.

I ensured that I never lost my joy in spite of the challenges. Later, I heard the testimony of a brother who gave ₦115, 000 every month to transport people to church. So, I started praying that God will make me part of those who will transport others to church.

During Shiloh 2014, I sold some of my belongings to pay my Shiloh sacrifice rejoicing, because the Bishop said that this year, we must give our tithe and sacrifices dancing and celebrating. Suddenly, God remembered me. Someone, who I had lost contact with, called and gave me two million naira to restart my business.

Thereafter, the Bishop stopped the free transportation. At that time, I was in Lagos. When I saw the flier, I laughed and said, ‘This is my turn for a change.' Immediately, I called the Zonal Pastor and said, ‘Sir, nobody pays from the Zone to the church forever; I will take care of it.' Then, I was paying between ₦12, 000 and ₦13,000. Later, I called the pastor and told him that I would bear the cost of the entire district. At that time, my business was just picking up. So, I started paying ₦50,000 every week to transport people.

Also, in Benin City, the church was growing and embarked on a building project. That time, I had 1.2 million naira, which I wanted to use to purchase a car. I remembered the Bishop has often said that his secret is his love for God. So, I decided to sow it rejoicing, despite the fact that I was spending ₦30, 000 every week on public transportation for my business. I also remembered that the Bishop said, ‘God does not depend on your wretched purse, but your wretched purse depends on Him for replenishment.'

In the twinkle of an eye, heavens open. God positioned me in such a way that I pay my tithes in six digits, every week. I have bought two cars this year and presently in the process of buying a property in Lekki. Indeed, God is faithful!" —Richard, E.