In Focus



If you are a child of God and you are walking in the Light, there is no limit to your destiny.
It's our act of obedience of faith that releases the supernatural without struggles John 2:5.

In the name of Jesus, I pray that your heart will keep panting after God!
Every challenge on your health, business and career becomes history in the name of Jesus!
I decree an end to your struggles in Jesus' name!
The love of God that will make you indestructible comes on your life afresh in Jesus' name!
From today, no force of destruction will come near you, in the name of Jesus!
From this day onward, nothing will be able to hurt you again!
Protocol shall be broken on your behalf!
I see a new wave of dedication coming up on you in the name of Jesus!
A new chapter is opening up to you!
As the Lord liveth, you will be called from where you least expected to take over!
Whatever has been beheld by the enemy, I command them released in the name of Jesus!
That broken home is restored in Jesus' name!
Welcome to your month of signs and wonders!